The Old Internet Challenge V2: Day 1

Today is day one of the old computer challenge v2. I attempted this last year, but ultimately work was too busy for me to actually do anything.

This year it’s slightly different. Instead of using an old machine for a week, the focus is instead around limiting your use of the internet like back in the days of dial-up, where you’d have a plan limiting you to a certain amount (or the price would go up significantly).

I’m using the script linked on Solene’s site to hard limit the time I can spent on the internet in the day, at least on my laptop. Although it’s not hardware restricted this time, I am using an old X61 thinkpad as I feel it falls within the spirit. It also has a dedicated switch for turning off the wireless adapter, which I appreciate.

It’s only 6am as of writing and I’m already noticing how much I rely on the internet. I’ve been thinking about caching/downloading a bunch of content to view offline, but as of right now, I feel like that defies the spirit of this (this may change). Therefor, I’m going to restrict myself to watching and listening to things that I have local copies of, such as music, movies, books and GASP the radio as much as possible. I have a load of magazines I’ve bought over the years that I never really finish off, so maybe I’ll be prompted to tackle those, even head to the park with them.


At the end of day 1, I found myself using the internet less than I thought. I went maybe a little too intense with trying not to use up time. I still had around 20 minutes left to use when I called it a night.

Right enough, I did end up looking out magazines, taking myself outside to read in effort not to be tempted by browsing the web.

photo taken outside, reading Linux Magazine

Aside from camping, I’ve pretty much been online since I first got broadband in 2006, so this is taking a bit of time to get used to, but I’m enjoying it!

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