The Old Internet Challenge V2: Day 7

Posted on Jul 17, 2022

I guess this is day 6 and day 7 as I started yesterday’s post first thing and i’m writing this close to the end of the challenge!

The experience has been really good. On reflection, I see that access to the internet all of the time has afforded me something that’s probably not the best thing for my health in the grand scheme of things.

While having access to the web allows me to keep up with hobbies and interests whenever I want, it also provides access to the 24/7 news cycle across the world, which as of right now in 2022 isn’t fuil of many nice things. While being aware of injustices across the world is valuable in that we should rightfully all be going “fuck that!”, we haven’t really evolved to process that kind of information. This kind of access to information is VERY new to humanity as a whole.

bacon internet graph

This week I’ve managed to get to a whole bunch of things that I’ve been putting off, even things that I enjoy like certain books, reading magazines that I’ve purchased over the years (but never really got round to) and sorting things around the house that have been needing done for quite some time.

Ideally, I’d like a whole week off to really take part in the challenge, where I’m not working, to really figure myself out, but I’m glad I managed to be more involved this year compared to last.

Half way through the week I stopped using the script to track usage as much as I had to use my phone for a couple of things and while I was using my work laptop, I used that to access a couple of non-work related things. As a result, I switched to the clock app on my phone to track total use, rather than per-device.

I’d really recommend, even outside of the week that the challenge is arranged around, to try giving the Old Computer Challenge V2 a go, with the intent to have fun with the experience. In the last week I’ve probably given myself the most attention (as in observing behaviours) than I ever really have. I hope to keep this up.

Thanks to Solène for kicking off the Old Computer Challenge series!

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