The Old Internet Challenge V2: Day 6

Posted on Jul 16, 2022

The last few days haven’t seen much personal time to really write home about. Work has been pretty busy with summer being the time of year that we tend to get a lot of the more significant work done.

Today is the first full day since Sunday that I’ll have that’s not dedicated to working.

That being said, I’ve taken notes of some observations/experiences from what free time I have had!

Keeping up with the failing state of the world

At several times throughout the past six days, I have not known who the current prime minister of the UK is, and it’s been great. The last two days I’ve barely hit 40 minutes personal internet use time. Any knowledge I’ve picked up has been through osmosis of living and/or working with people that aren’t taking part in the experiment.

Someone could have discovered Atlantis and I’d be none-the-wiser. It’s actually really nice.


I’ve excluded WhatsApp and Signal from the restriction list on my phone, in that I’ve left them open to recieve messages, but I’m not actively seeking out conversations till I’m making use of the internet, unless something urgent comes up. There’s still a global pandemic going on and I have friends that have the virus. Folks have asked for shopping to be brought into them and I wouldn’t have been able to help if I completely turned off data on my phone. I’m not going to have people bend over backwards to message me differently than we usually do when they’re unwell.

Not imposing experiment on family

I live with my fiance and sister, who are not taking part in the experiment, so I can’t expect them to cut down on internet use. If I happen to be in the room when music or TV is being streamed, I’ll just have to suffer and put up with it. (;

Manual notes

I’ve been carrying a small notebook with me to capture things that I want to search later on when I can dedicate some time to looking at the web. I’ve enjoyed the intended use of the web this has brought, rather than reading something I’ve bumped into from hackernews, reddit or the l1ike.

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