The Old Internet Challenge V2: Day 2

Posted on Jul 11, 2022

Initial reflection

I realise I’m quite wasteful with content. I’m one of those people that can’t really have silence (hint: ADHD). Even if I’m going to the kitchen to make a coffee, I’ll stick on a podcast of something to silence my brain, possibly not really taking in what I’m actually listening to. It’s more like white noise in a way.

This is something I would like tackle: be more mindful of what I’m listening to rather than it going to waste. Therefor, I’m going to stop using already cached podcasts as white noise and actually use an app I have for that purpose - noice in this case.

This way I’m not hitting my time budget to download podcasts that I’ll end up not paying full attention to anyway, and with noice I can pretend I’m in a cafe with howling wolves, seagulls, a campfire all while there’s a thunderstorm going on in the background. We truely live in the future.

How it went

Day 2 went pretty well again, but a lot of that was because I ended up zoned into work most of the day or building furniture that came in after work that we’ve been putting off getting for the last two years due to the pandemic. Things look organised, but the cats aren’t impressed with the change!

I still had around fifteen minutes left. Can I carry these over? [;

One thing I have found myself doing is pulling out my phone, ready to go into $appName. I do this so instinctively now and I’m only just realising how many times I must do this throughout the day.

I have a OnePlus 7 that runs Oxygen OS 11, a variant of Android. It has a handy ‘focus’ mode that allows me to specify a bunch of apps that I want to ignore notifications from while the mode is active. It also puts a wall up in front of the defined apps so that when you go to launch, you’re reminded that you are in focus mode and are given the option to cancel out or give yourself 5 minutes of app use time. After the 5 minutes, the app closes. It’s obvious that I can just exit focus mode to get around this, but I find it’s enough to keep me in line for just now.

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